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The Book of the Lantern. Being a Practical Guide to the Working of the Optical (or Magic) Lantern. With Full and Precise Directions for Making and Coloring Lantern Pictures.
Hepworth, T. C.
the ground side up, the camera lucida may be used with 
this as well as with drawing-board, if a piece of white 
paper be placed beneath it, and the object drawn in the 
usual way. For outlining and delicate shading I employ 
H H H H and H H H pencils ; for deep shadows I use 
H B. By a very delicate employment of the pencil, 
shadows softer than can be secured by lithography may be 
made. The camera lucida, of course, is not necessary ; we 
may draw with the eye and hand alone. If it be necessary 
to put on colour it may be done cleanly and carefully over 
the shading ; thus one layer of colour suffices. Now of 
course, although we have a perfect drawing of the object, 
with all the detail accurately given, it is not a transparency. 
But we can easily make it one Thin some good pale Canada 
balsam with benzine to about the consistence of cream ; 
and simply float it over the ground surface of your glass, 
pour off till the drop comes very sluggishly. Then reverse 
the glass so that the corner from which the balsam was 
flowing off be placed upward. Let the return flow reach 
about the middle, then reverse it again, and move it in 
several directions to get the balsam level. This may be 
done with very little practice so that the surface shall be 
undistinguishable from glass. We have now a perfect 
transparency. All that is required is twenty-four hours 
for hardening (keeping the glass level) and then another 
square of glass fastened on to it by strips of paper at the 
edges, with small pieces of card at the corners to prevent 
contact, and it makes an admirable lantern transparency. 
“For obtaining very fine points to my very hard leads, after 
cutting them very long and even, and grinding them on


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