Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Optical Projection: A Treatise of the Use of the Lantern in Exhibition and Scientific Demonstration
Wright, Lewis
coarse emery cloth pinched upon it with finger and thumb ; 
this will surround the needle with circular scratches, making 
it in fact into a fine round file, to be carefully used inside the 
bore, by which the latter can be made as smooth as glass. 
This wi 11 in most cases stop the noise. If more light is wanted, 
we must burn more gas to get it, and the bore may be enlarged 
with the broach to any size desired, before polishing, if the 
jet will allow, for it will be found that a certain chamber will 
only allow of a certain size of bore without noise. 
In making systematic experiments as to the light possible 
from the oxy-hydrogen jet, I found, therefore, that it was 
essential to employ a larger 
chamber if it was desired 
to use a really large bore. 
And with any jet which has 
a large chamber, let us 
suppose it is a circular ca¬ 
vity I inch in diameter and 
the same in depth, a large 
bore may be used. Very 
likely, however, after all 
has been done to clear and 
polish the nipple, there 
may still be noise, and this is generally due to eddies in the 
gases caused by the form of the chamber. This will probably 
be as in fig. 89, and the sharp corners at ab cause the noise. 
By tapering off these, especially at b, as shown by the same 
letters in fig. 40, silence will generally be procured, and this 
is, therefore, the chamber I have adopted for my mixed gas- 
jets. With it there is no difficulty in employing nipples T^- of 
an inch in bore, beyond which there appears little, if any, 
gain in light. Such a chamber and nipple will easily reach 
700 candles with the photometer, and over 800 has been re¬ 
The outside of the nipple, however, also claims attention.


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