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Optical Projection: A Treatise of the Use of the Lantern in Exhibition and Scientific Demonstration
Wright, Lewis
much kindness and assiduous care in my own personal 
requirements of this kind. Such apparatus, to express 
it briefly, is described here not as their apparatus, but 
as being in greater or less degree my apparatus, by 
contrivance, or selection, or modification, or personal 
connection with it in some way or other, even when not 
(as frequently the case) planned in the first instance for 
my own use. 
But while it is best to state this quite simply, it will 
I trust be found that, beyond what thus became 
unavoidable as forming part of that very experience 
which is the basis of the whole, the subject has been 
treated so as to be of most use to all, and without 
any prejudice to other optical workshops of well-known 
character with which I do not happen to have been 
brought into the same personal contact. Except a very 
few articles or details which may be patented in various 
quarters, and which are well known to the trade and 
readily obtainable from the various manufacturers, the 
apparatus and arrangements here described are free to 
all. It is perfectly open to any reader to have them 
constructed by whom he chooses, with any improvements 
he can suggest ; while it is equally open to any optician 
to construct them as excellently, and sell them as 
cheaply—or the other way if he prefers—as he possibly 
I need only add to this explanation, that in the 
following pages the first person singular has been pur¬ 
posely adopted, as more simple and less really egotistic in 
a book of such necessarily strong individuality, than any


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