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Optical Projection: A Treatise of the Use of the Lantern in Exhibition and Scientific Demonstration
Wright, Lewis
The methods adopted have been two, i.e. chemical and 
A chemical rectifier can be made by passing the alternating 
current through a bath with iron and aluminium electrodes ; the 
bath being filled with a saline solution (phosphate of ammonia is 
about the best) chokes back the current in one direction and only 
allows a unidirectional pulsating current to pass. By using four 
baths, both phases of the alternating current can be utilised. 
These rectifiers are sold under various names ; the ‘ Nodon 
Valve ’ is one of the best forms, and can be obtained from any 
Fin. 2*12.—Dr. Morton’s Rotary Rectifier 
dealer in scientific instruments. I have used such a rectifier a 
great deal for small currents in charging accumulators, &c., but for 
heavy currents they are troublesome and wasteful. 
Of mechanical rectifiers, the best and simplest that I have seen 
was designed by Dr. R. Morton, of the London Hospital (fig. 242). 
It was originally, and still is, designed chiefly for use in connection 
with induction coils for .r-ray work, but it struck me that the same 
instrument might be utilised in connection with arc lamps. Dr. 
Morton very kindly lent me one of these rectifiers for my experi¬ 
ments ; and a great deal of good work was done with it. On one 
occasion I passed a current of 80 ampères for over two hours 
through this rectifier, and obtained a light that for brightness and


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