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Optical Projection: A Treatise of the Use of the Lantern in Exhibition and Scientific Demonstration
Wright, Lewis
in the lantern of an ordinary slide or diagram. As these 
tanks frequently require to be washed clean for other experi¬ 
ments, one of the best methods of constructing them is that 
shown in fig. 128, where a piece of smooth vulcanised tubing 
bent into a semi-circle, is squeezed between two glass plates 
by screws through the corners, so as to make a water-tight 
vessel easily taken to pieces for cleaning, and unaffected by 
most chemicals. Or the plates may be mounted between 
outer plates of metal or ebonite, which enables plain or un¬ 
perforated pieces of glass to he used. Pieces of thick solid 
rubber cut to shape may also 
be used between the plates, but 
require more pressure and are 
not so safe. If a little more 
solidity is desired for the com¬ 
pressed tubing, the latter may 
he filled with fine sand after 
being screwed up to the proper 
Such tanks may be of any 
size and thickness of content, 
and a sufficiency should be pro- 
pig. 128.—Tank vided for the proposed series of 
experiments. Or the glass plates 
may sometimes be more conveniently introduced into some 
such wooden frame as was shown in fig. Ill, p. 223 ; and the 
rubber tube then squeezed into place rather tightly, will 
readily give a water-tight tank, only the glass and rubber 
coming into contact with the fluid. 
Occasionally it will he needful to employ tanks made 
entirely of glass, cemented together, according to the nature of 
the solution. For aqueous solutions, those sold as zoophyte 
troughs for microscopic use are convenient, and may be had 
of almost any desired size ; but for spirituous solutions marine 
glue must be replaced by other cements, such as are used in


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