Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Optical Projection: A Treatise of the Use of the Lantern in Exhibition and Scientific Demonstration
Wright, Lewis
124. The Projection Microscope.—As regards histological 
detail, the most important aid which can be derived from 
the lantern is in the form of a projection microscope (see 
Chapter XI1L). By furnishing members of a class with very 
inexpensive opera-glasses, a far greater amount of detail can 
be seen upon the screen, than is possible to the unassisted 
eye, which, as pointed out at page 191, fails before the 
microscope, and may be unable to perceive detail really upon 
the screen. Opera-glasses are thus used in Vienna, and by 
their aid a single demonstration not only saves much time, 
but enables the lecturer to use a pointer, and combine the 
demonstration with a viva voce explanation, which is found to 
be more effective than when demonstration under the table 
microscope is divorced from such explanation. The electric 
projection microscope, especially, will leave little to be desired 
as regards by far the larger portion of the histological demon¬ 
stration to be done. 
The simpler vital movements, such as circulation in 
the foot of a frog, or cyclosis in the cells of Vallisneria, as 
already stated, are also projected easily; even the lime-light 
making the latter visible to a class of thirty or forty, and the 
arc light showing it clearly in a larger room. 
12o. Mechanical Slides.—But the lantern itself is capable 
of wider application in this class of work. Dealing first with 
such simple matters as movable mechanical slides, even 
these are capable of being adapted to serious purposes, as may 
be shown by the ingenious construction described by Stein 
for exhibiting in graphic form the main facts of the circulating 
system. Two lanterns, or nozzles, are necessary, which will 
be furnished by any form of demonstrator’s bi-unial. In one


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