Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Optical Projection: A Treatise of the Use of the Lantern in Exhibition and Scientific Demonstration
Wright, Lewis
worked in the middle of a room, it is very important to re¬ 
serve enough space for the gas-bags or cylinders comfortably, 
and to have this space protected by making a kind of fence 
with some of the seats, within which no one is allowed to 
come. If it is a juvenile audience, it is important to get some 
elder lad appointed to act as sentinel over this. 
The connections are made as in the diagram, which shows 
a star-tap (as the most puzzling). The hydrogen is connected 
from the bag or cylinder to the 
nozzle across which the bye-pass 
is fitted, if only one ; otherwise 
to the one known to have the 
longest channel. (If the jets 
both persist in snapping out, 
with a tap that has two bye- 
passes, it is probable the gases 
are taken to the wrong nozzles 
supplying the dissolver, and that, 
from the unequal length of chan¬ 
nel, the hydrogen cuts off before 
the oxygen). In the diagram, 
the hydrogen goes to the left, 
the oxygen to the right-hand 
nozzle. The tubes carrying from 
the dissolver to the jets may be 
connected to either top or bottom 
lantern, as regards one of the 
gases, provided the other gas be connected to correspond. In 
the diagram the top hydrogen nozzle goes to the top jet, and 
therefore the bottom oxygen nozzle must connect to the same 
jet. With the other form of dissolver (fig. 61) both nozzles 
on the same side go to the same jet, and the cylinders or bags 
connect with the centre pair, and no mistake can be made by 
a person of ordinary sense. 
The lantern lenses will now be wiped over if necessary, 
Pig. 63.—Connections


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