Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Optic Projection: Principles, Installation and Use of the Magic Lantern, Projection Microscope, Reflecting Lantern, Moving Picture Machine
Gage, Henry Simon and Henry Phelps Gage
these precautions are taken, it will be very simple to connect up 
the lamp correctly at any time. 
“Polarized attachment and extension plugs” are made (fig. 48A, 
49A). These can only be put together one way. They are very 
convenient for direct current connections; they are also equally 
adapted for alternating current. 
Fig. 49. Separable Attachment Plugs. 
(Cuts loaned by II. Hubbell, Inc.). 
A Polarized, separable plug for a lamp socket. The metal prongs are in 
planes at right angles and hence can be inserted in only one way, thus avoiding 
change of polarity with direct current. 
B Non-polarized attachment plug. The connection can be made either 
way around as the prongs are in the same plane. 
Fig. 50. Separable Extension Connector. 
(Cut loaned by II. Hubbell, Inc.). 
This is to enable one to extend the line by joining separate cables. These 
extension connectors can be had with polarized or non-polarized prongs to the 
§ 131. Carbons for small currents; feeding the carbons.—For 
the small currents used with the house circuit, the carbons should 
be small. For alternating current of five to six amperes, 8 mm. 
carbons answer well. For three to four amperes the carbons 
should not be over 6 mm. in diameter.


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