Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Optic Projection: Principles, Installation and Use of the Magic Lantern, Projection Microscope, Reflecting Lantern, Moving Picture Machine
Gage, Henry Simon and Henry Phelps Gage
1 The first element of the condenser consisting in a meniscus lens next the 
arc lamp and a plano-convex lens. 
2 Plano-convex lens toward the lantern slide. The lenses of this condenser 
should be arranged as here shown. 
Objective The projection objective. 
c The optic center where the rays from the condenser should cross when the 
objective is in focus. 
Base Board The board bearing the track and the blocks for supporting the 
different parts. 
Block i, Block 2, Block j The blocks supporting the arc lamp, condenser 
and objective. 
Rods The rods or tubes on the base-board and serving as a track for the 
blocks to move upon. 
§ 108. Arc lamps for alternating current.—These are almost 
invariably of the hand-feed type. Lamps are made to hold the 
carbons: (i) at right angles (fig. 1-3); (2) inclined backward 30 
degrees (fig. 23, 39); (3) converging in the form of a V (fig. 23 
D); or (4) even in a vertical position (fig. 22). Each form is 
best adapted to some special purpose. 
With carbons of the same size and composition both carbons 
bum away at the same rate, and therefore must be fed forward at 
the same rate. If the carbons are of different size or material, then 
the mechanism must be adjusted to move the two at a rate which 
shall hold the ends at the same level. 
§ 109. Fine adjustments for the lamp.—As indicated for the 
direct current arc lamp (§ 10), there should be some means of 
moving one or both carbons separately to compensate for any 
unequal burning. There must also be some means of raising and 
lowering the lamp and moving it sidewise so that any slight varia¬ 
tions of the source of light from the axis may be corrected 
(§ 10, fig. 3). 
§ 110. Lamp-House.—There should be a well ventilated metal 
lamp-house of good size and with large doors, so that all the 
apparatus within can be easily got at. There should also be a good 
sized window (say 5 cm., 2 in. square) glazed with smoky mica 
or a combination of green and red glass or some smoked glass of 
sufficient depth of tint for the protection of the eyes. This window


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