Volltext: Optic Projection: Principles, Installation and Use of the Magic Lantern, Projection Microscope, Reflecting Lantern, Moving Picture Machine

§ 350. Apparatus and Material for Chapter IX: ' 
Suitable room with screen, for projection ; Projection Micro¬ 
scope; Sunlight or the electric arc light; Specimens suitable for 
projection (§ 399) ; Tools etc., as for Ch. I. 
References and History 
§ 351. For the history of the origin and development of the 
projection microscope, refer to the appendix at the end of the book. 
In this history will be given many references to the original sources 
of information upon the subject. 
For works dealing with modem micro-projection, the reader is 
advised to consult the works given in § 2 of Ch. I. He is especially 
advised to consult the catalogues of Zeiss and the other modern 
makers of projection apparatus, for in them he will find directions 
and suggestions for making the best use of the most modem instru¬ 
ments. His attention is also especially called to the Journal of 
the Royal Microscopical Society and to the Zeitschrift für wis¬ 
senschaftliche Mikroskopie. See also the Zeitschrift für Instru¬ 
mentenkunde, the English Mechanic and the Scientific American 
with its Supplement. In every volume of these periodicals there 
are almost always articles bearing directly on the problems in¬ 
volved in Projection. 
General Consideration of the Projection Microscope 
§ 352. Similarity of all projection apparatus.—All devices for 
projection are fundamentally alike in giving images of brilliantly 
lighted objects. These images are projected upon some reflecting 
surface or screen in a dark room. The projection microscope simply 
gives images of greater enlargement than the other forms of 
apparatus. It imperceptibly merges into the magic lantern, as 
the magic lantern merges into the camera obscura. (Compare 
fig. 121-122). 


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