Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Optic Projection: Principles, Installation and Use of the Magic Lantern, Projection Microscope, Reflecting Lantern, Moving Picture Machine
Gage, Henry Simon and Henry Phelps Gage
diagram or table, etc., and then have a photographic lantern slide 
In preparing these slides direct, a device of the artists of earlier 
times who painted lantern slides, is used. That is, the slide is 
cleaned carefully and then coated with a thin solution of some hard 
varnish or with gelatin (fig. 112, § 317). After the varnish has 
thoroughly dried one can use a pen or a brush upon the varnished 
surface with the same facility as upon paper. The hand-made slide 
is then mounted as usual and can, of course, be used indefinitely. 
If they are for a special occasion—as in projecting election 
returns, games, etc.,—the slides are used without a cover-glass. 
They may be easily cleaned off with turpentine or xylene and used 
over and over. 
§ 317. Coating the lantern-slide glass with varnish.—One of 
the best varnishes for this purpose is composed of 5% dry Canada 
balsam or gum dammar in xylene or in turpentine; or 10% natural 
Canada balsam in xylene or toluene. Or one can take some good, 
varnish, especially Valspar, one part and xylene, toluene, gasoline 
or turpentine nine parts. All of these thin solutions should be 
allowed to stand until they arc clear, and only the clear part used. 
If one is in haste it is possible to filter the thin varnish through filter 
For coating the glass, the best way is to hold the clean glass flat 
by grasping the edges with the thumb and fingers. Then varnish 
is poured on, and the glass tilted slightly until the whole surface 
is covered. The excess is poured off one comer back into the 
bottle. Then the glass is stood on edge to dry. In a warm dry 
room 15-20 minutes will suffice for varnish in xylene or toluene. 
If turpentine is used it may require half a day or more. When the 
varnish is once dry the glass can be used at any time. 
As it is not easy to tell which side has been varnished, a slight 
mark in one comer of the varnished surface with a glass pencil or 
pen will enable one to tell quickly and with certainty. 
§ 318. Coating the lantern-slide glass with 10% gelatin.—For 
this, some clear gelatin is made into a 10% solution in hot water,


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