Volltext: Optic Projection: Principles, Installation and Use of the Magic Lantern, Projection Microscope, Reflecting Lantern, Moving Picture Machine

Ch. VIII] 
E. Italian slides.—In Italy the sizes are 85 x 85 mm., 85 x 100 
mm. and 90 x 120 mm., that is, the British (B), the French and 
American (A, C) and German (D) sizes. 
In all countries those of larger and smaller sizes than the above 
standards are used for special purposes; and provision is made 
Trover CL dlaa/ru sKAn. 
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CUUJ CoLnrvOUcla ^yaJbyOJTru vrv 
Dnjum. OmxL stcurxd cm. «Aol to 
cû. r 
Qr\ t\\JL AnjLj \>O^UY\U>Vv.ßct Suh.” 
'y CULL erra. Cxwu uAAl o\. dbuLLO- 
uxtk a, p«m. <xh «.cumJLu cub cm, 
Tritjumt' 0J3 ^trc. cn.Acr\ah.U^ 
Fig. 112. An American Lantern Slide, Full Size, with Instructions 
for Making Lantern Slides Direct. The Slide is Properly 
everywhere for the square British slides of 82.5 x 82.5 mm. and also 
for the oblong form of82 0r8sxioo mm. of the French and Ameri¬ 
can manufacturers. 
Any oblong form has the advantage that it is always put into 
the carrier with its long side horizontal and therefore requires only 
one mark or spot to indicate how it shall be inserted for an erect


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