Volltext: Optic Projection: Principles, Installation and Use of the Magic Lantern, Projection Microscope, Reflecting Lantern, Moving Picture Machine

§ 310. Apparatus and Material for Chapter VIII: 
A photographic dark room ; Camera with suitable objectives and 
plate holders (fig. 116-119); Lantern-slide plates, negative plates 
of various kinds; Chemicals for developing, etc.; Colors and 
brushes for tinting the slides; A retouching frame (fig. 113); 
Cover-glasses and binding strips and mats for the slides; Markers 
and labels for the slides; Cabinet for the slides (fig. 120). 
§ 311. For the historical development of lantern slides see the 
works referred to in Ch. I, § 2, and for photographic lantern slides, 
The Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, Vol. LIX (1911), pp. 
For making and coloring lantern slides see the works inCh. I, § a, 
and Lambert, Lantern-slide making and coloring. 
The Photo-Mineature series No. 9, Lantern Slides, and No. 83, 
Coloring Lantern Slides. 
Size of Lantern Slides 
§ 312. Modern lantern slides are of several standard sizes as 
follows: (See § 312a). 
A. American slides.—These are oblong plates 82.5 x 102 mm. 
(3^x4 inches). They are designed to go into the lantern-slide 
carrier with the long side horizontal (§35). 
B. British slides.—These are square, being 82.5 x 82.5 mm. 
(31/\ x ZlA inches) (§ 37). 
C. French slides.—These are, following the recommendations 
of the French Congress of Photography for 1889, 85x100 mm. 
(31 x 3,(be inches). That is, the standard is practically like the 
American, and French slides can be used in American lantern-slide 
D. German slides.—In Germanic countries, slides of 85 x 100 
mm. are much used, but the German standard is often given as 
90 x 120 mm. (39/ie x 4K inches). Those of 130 x 180 mm. are 
likewise employed. 


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