Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Fig. 6.—Lecture-room showing Transparent Screen in use with Daylight Projection. In the Background 
projection screen from behind, as these are very dis¬ 
turbing on the projected picture. In the first room 
there is a window usually closed with a felt blind; the 
second room is illuminated by two large windows, which 
can be darkened by felt blinds attached to a common 
roller. In the first room is also a chemical hood, joined 
to the lecture-room by the above-mentioned sliding 
partition, where preparations which give off irritating or 
odorous gases can be placed. In the second room 
various projection equipment is contained in a large 
cupboard, such as slides for diapositive, episcopic, hori¬ 
zontal, and vertical microscopical projection; for spec¬ 
tral, heart, and circulation projection, as well as for the 
projection of entire printed pages from books and for the 
reproduction of large epidiascopic pictures. This cup¬ 
board is also used to keep various other projection 
A long easily movable table on rollers to hold what¬ 
ever projection systems may be necessary during the 
lecture can be wheeled close to the projection apparatus 
in such a way that the various changes necessary for the 
lecture can take place quickly without noise or dis¬ 
turbance. A flat low drawer beneath the surface of the 
table, smoothly covered with white cloth, permits of the 
arrangement in the order in which the lecturer will 
need them of both photographic diapositives and glass 
plates on which written tables, drawings, etc., can be 
sketched, sometimes shortly before the lecture. This 
insures the use of the diapositives in the right order by 
the assistant in charge of the projection apparatus. 
Between the two windows of the preparation room is 
a small stand on a low cupboard, where the reagents and 
glassware necessary for the preparations are placed, and 
next to it is a window table. In the corner to the right 
next to the windows is the switchboard, from which the 
current of the projection lamp can be regulated and the 
transformer in the cellar can be inserted which, through 
transformation of the 220-volt town current, allows the 
arc lamp of the projection apparatus to burn with a cur¬ 
rent of up to 50-ampere and 60-volt tension. From the 
platform of the lecture-room through both the rooms 
last described, a pair of rails is set into the floor, on 
which the very heavy projection apparatus can easily 
be moved and by which the size of the picture on the 
screen can be changed at will. The electric incandes¬ 
cent lamps, used when the rooms are darkened,


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