Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Collected Papers On Acoustics
Sabine, Wallace Clement
mentioned in some of the earlier papers (The Brickbuilder, January, 
1914),1 and having peculiar merits for the work. For an under¬ 
standing of these experiments and an appreciation of the conditions 
that make for their accuracy, it is necessary that the construction of 
this room be explained at some length. The west wing of the Jeffer¬ 
son Physical Laboratory is in plan a large square in the center of 
which rises a tower, which, for the sake of steadiness and insulation 
Fig. 2. Testing Room and Apparatus 
from all external vibration, is not merely of independent walls but 
has an entirely separate foundation, and above is spanned without 
touching by the roof of the main building. The sub-basement room 
of this tower is below the basement of the main building, but the 
walls of the latter are carried down to enclose it. The floor of the 
room is of concrete, the ceiling a masonry arch. There is but one 
door which leads through a small anteroom to the stairs mounting 
to the level of the basement of the main building. Through the 
1 See page 199, chapter 8.


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