Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Collected Papers On Acoustics
Sabine, Wallace Clement
of the auditorium could be remedied only by indirection. The 
method by which a very considerable improvement was attained 
is shown by a comparison of the line drawing (Fig. 10) with the pho¬ 
tograph of the interior of the theatre as originally completed. The 
boxes were changed from the first to the second level, being inter¬ 
changed with the foyer chairs, while the excessive height of the 
main body of the auditorium was reduced by means of a canopy 
surrounding the central chandelier. This ingenious and not dis- 
Fig. 10. The New Theatre, New York City, showing Canopy and Changed Boxes. 
pleasing substitute for the recommended lowering of the ceiling was 
proposed by Mr. Hastings, although of course only as a means to 
an end. The canopy is oval in plan, following the outline of the 
oval panel in the ceiling, its longer axis being transverse. Its major 
and minor horizontal dimensions are 70 feet and 40 feet. Its 
effective lowering of the height of the ceiling is 20 feet. A moment’s 
consideration will show that its effective area in preventing the 
ceiling echo is greater than its actual dimensions, particularly in


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