Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

When we sit in a real theater and see the 
stage with its depth and watch the actors 
moving and turn onr attention hither and 
thither, we feel that those impressions from 
behind the footlights have objective charac¬ 
ter, while the action of onr attention is sub¬ 
jective. Those men and things come from 
without but the play of the attention starts 
from within. Yet our attention, as we have 
seen, does not really add anything to the im¬ 
pressions of the stage. It makes some more 
vivid and clear while others become vague or 
fade away, but through the attention alone 
no content enters our consciousness. Wher¬ 
ever our attention may wander on the stage, 
whatever we experience comes to us through 
the channels of our senses. The spectator in 
the audience, however, does experience more 


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