Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

wrong to describe the process in the mind by 
reference to one change alone. If we have to 
give an account of the act of attention, as 
seen by the modern psychologist, we ought to 
point to several coordinated features. They 
are not independent of one another but are 
closely interrelated. We may say that what¬ 
ever attracts our attention in the sphere 
of any sense, sight or sound, touch or smell, 
surely becomes more vivid and more clear in 
our consciousness. This does not at all mean 
that it becomes more intense. A faint light 
to which we turn our attention does not be¬ 
come the strong light of an incandescent 
lamp. No, it remains the faint, just percepti¬ 
ble streak of lightness, but it has grown more 
impressive, more distinct, more clear in its 
details, more vivid. It has taken a stronger 
hold of us or, as we may say by a metaphor, 
it has come into the center of our conscious¬ 
But this involves a second aspect which is 
surely no less important. While the attended 
impression becomes more vivid, all the other 
impressions become less vivid, less clear, less 
distinct, less detailed. They fade away. We 
no longer notice them. They have no hold 


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