Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Chapter V: Psycho-physical and Anthropometrical Instruments of Precision in the Laboratory of the Bureau of Education
MacDonald, Arthur
196. Photographic camera. By Lerchours, Paris. 
197. Largo and small reading glasses. 
198. Cardboard and gelatin paper of various colors, 200 sheets of colored paper, col¬ 
ored crayons, etc. By Milton Bradley Co., Springfield; Prang, Boston, etc. 
199. Large and small finely graded thermometers; six ordinary thermometers. 
200. Three aerometers, measuring tubes for liquids, pipettes, etc. 
201. Mathematical drawing instruments, protractors, etc. 
202. Apothecary scale, with weights. By Whitall & Tatum, Boston. 
203. Balance scale, spring letter balance, etc. By Fairbanks, St. Johnsbury. 
204. Two sets of brass weights. By Kohl, Chemnitz. 
205. Instrument for showing the variations of error from the average. After Bow- 
ditch, by Marie, Boston. 
N. B.—Compare groups — 
II. B. Spectroscope, magic lanterns, etc. 
III. A. Chronoscopes, registering tuning forks, etc. 
206. Eighteen Leclanclie cells (Gonda). 
207. Three Grenet cells. 
208. Sixteen Bunsen cells. 
209. Six Grove cells. 
210. Large induction coil forproducing sparks. By Kohl, Chemnitz. 
211. Induction coil. After Dubois-Reymond, by Krüger, Berlin. 
212. Electro-magnetic machine. By Smith, New York. 
213. Small induction coil, with handles. By Elbs, Freiburg. 
214. Large electro-magnet. Made in the laboratory. 
215. Rheochords. By Elbs, Freiburg; by Krille, Leipzig, etc. 
216. Galvanometer, with mirror, etc. After Nobili, by Kohl, Chemnitz. 
217. Compass galvanometer. 
218. Commutator for four currents. By Marie, Boston. 
219. Two rocking mercury commutators. By Cambridge Scientific Instrument, 
220. Large set of electrodes, electrical connections, and wires (copper, platina, brass,. 
and iron; coarse and flexible; insulated, etc.). 
N. B.—Compare groups— 
III. A. Electric chronoscopes, keys, tuning forks, reactors, etc. 
* IV. C. Mercury, acids, etc. 
221. Surgical outfit (4 pairs scissors, 17 forceps, 17 scalpels, 15, 6 silver probes, 
set of'saws, scissor pliers, hammers, and chisels for dissecting, set of syringes,, 
camel’s-hair brushes, etc.). 
222. Glass dissecting slabs. 
223. Pigeon holder. After Ewald, by Maier, Strasshnrg. 
224. Arrangement for smoking kymograph papers, and fixing' the curves in the shel¬ 
lac hath. Made in the laboratory. 
225. Carpenter’s bench, with full set of carpenter’s tools (vice, scroll saw, etc.). 
226. Large grindstone. 
227. Collection of metal stands and rods, etc. 
228. Holder for prisms. By Kohl, Chemnitz. 
229. Universal holder. By Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company. 
230. Glass apparatus (tubes, rods, jars, funnels, etc.). 
231. Rubber tubes (from 2 to 25 mm. iu diameter), rubber hands, rubber atomizers, etc.. 
232. Porcelain jars, basius, etc. 
233. Brass and copper sheets, nails, screws, hooks, pius, corks, straw, wadding,. 
hoards, boxes, cloth, linen, etc. 
234. Chemical apparatus and reagents. 
235. Jar of mercury. 
236. Blast lamp and bellows for glass blowing. 
237. Bunsen burner. 
238. Set of soldering tools. 
239. Water motor. 
240. Edison mimeograph, copying machine. 
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