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Chapter V: Psycho-physical and Anthropometrical Instruments of Precision in the Laboratory of the Bureau of Education
MacDonald, Arthur
Binet and Vascliide have also made an ergograph 1 (fig. 64), which is a modifica¬ 
tion of Mosso’s ergograph. It consists in the substitution of a spring, as illustrated 
in the figure, for the weight and in using the middle finger for the experiment. 
The lever permits one to increase or decrease at will the course of the finger in 
order to accomplish a.certain work, while the force of resistance remains the same. 
It is possible to modify one single factor in work and the space gone over, and so 
to study points in the physiology of movement. 
The kinesimeter is an instrument to measure the sense of movement upon the skin. 
The apparatus in fig. 65 was designed by Professors Scripture (Yale University) and 
Titchener (Cornell University).2 
Fig. 65.—Kinesimeter. (Scripture and Titchener.) 
The table is of brass, casting, the top of which is perfectly smooth. One of the 
legs has an adjusting screw. Tho car A is made of brass, nickel-plated; it runs on 
four wheels, turned on a perfectly true arbor. Tho bearings are bushings of hardened 
tool-steel; the holes are ground and lapped, so as to give trueness in running. The 
wheels are easily taken off their bearings. Tho horizontal slide of the car, which 
holds the vertical rod, is easily adjusted. The vertical rod may carry rubber stimu¬ 
lus-point, tube, or whatever is preferred, and is held in position by a brass nut. Tho 
rotating power comprises three gears and three friction-rolls. The movement of the 
car is regulated by a laver. The pressure of the driving-rolls against tho principal 
roll is maintained by two springs, and is adjusted by two nuts on end of a bar con¬ 
nected with the lever. An endless cord propels the car. The instrument is made at 
tho Yale Laboratory, New Haven, Conn. 
L. Intermediaire des Biologistes, 5 May, 1898. 
American Journal of Psychology, Yol. VI, 1895, page 425.


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