Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
that noble efforts, which through the course of later events 
have been apparently in vain, may yet have scattered seed 
that in some remote day will bear unexpected and benef¬ 
icent fruit. ‘‘Till Burnham forest come to Dunsinane” 
were the words of unbelief destined to be thwarted, and the 
leaves on Tannhäuser ’s barren rod sprouted through the 
power of faith. 
The festive visit of Prince Henry, the brother of Em¬ 
peror William, to the United States was an event to which 
many looked forward with high hopes for the good feeling 
that would result from it. It was natural that Münster¬ 
berg felt himself to no small degree responsible for the 
reception of the royal visitor at Boston and particularly 
at Harvard. 
It was towards the end of his. strenuous journey that the 
Prince came to Boston. He had witnessed the launching of 
his brother’s yacht Meteor, which had been built in the 
United States, and its christening by the President’s daugh¬ 
ter, Miss Alice Roosevelt. He had not only been enter¬ 
tained at the White House with a banquet of state and in 
the Presidential family circle, but he had enjoyed a wild 
horseback ride, on a horse owned by Senator Lodge, tete-a- 
tête with the Rough Rider President. He had seen the 
country in its holiday mood, had sat at gorgeous tables and 
listened to innumerable toasts, had heard complimentary 
airs played by numberless bands. But h,e had also attended 
the memorial services to President McKinley, had laid a 
wreath on the tomb of Washington at Mount Vernon, and 
had planted a tree in front of a monument to Lincoln. 
When the ceremonies at Boston were over, the character¬ 
istic part of the day’s program began. It had long been 
a matter of conjecture whether or not Harvard University 
would bestow upon the Prince an honorary degree. The 
rumor had been emphatically denied, for the venerable 
custom at Harvard prescribed that degrees be given only 


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