Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
this now, but let me wait to see what I shall see!—when the 
volume comes out. It will be a riddle and communicate a zest to 
life. In any case I hope that you will succeed in getting the 
proofs corrected this summer, though it will doubtless be hard 
work. Shall you go to the Paris Congress? 
I much enjoyed reading the Atlantic article. I think it is 
the cleverest thing you have written so far, and the English 
absolutely idiomatic. It will doubtless have a great effect. It 
is possible to interpret it as a document in favor of the elective 
system: If a curriculum which so many persons condemn, can 
produce such good results merely because it is well taught, why 
attribute such importance to the curriculum? Anything will 
suffice, if only the teaching be in good hands—I must say that is 
largely my own opinion. 
With best regards from both of us, and wishes for a happy 
German summer to you all, especially to the girls, 
I am as ever 
Affectionately yours, 
Wm. James 
Address: Brown, Shipley & Co., London, S. W.—we are un¬ 
certain for the next fortnight. 
A letter from Professor Palmer, as a response to a sur¬ 
prise on his birthday, is characteristic. 
11 Quincy St. 
March 20 
Dear Dr. Münsterberg: 
... I was so overwhelmed last night with what you brought 
me that I am sure I did not adequately express my sense of 
gratitude for the thought and labor that brought it all about. It 
must have been an enormous task to communicate so suddenly 
with all my graduate students, to arrange for obtaining their 
photographs, and to present the results in such exquisite form. 
Nothing could please me more. And I am especially thankful 
that no gift from you, my colleagues, was attempted. And yet 
it makes me sore to think that this work should have fallen on 
you, just when you should have been resting yourself after the 
toils undertaken in another public interest. If I did not know 


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