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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
psychology is presented with its invaluable aid in judg¬ 
ing the reliability of testimony. The psychotechnics of 
science and industry are set forth with an account of the 
problems and experiments to which the psychologist had 
recently devoted so much thought ; also medical psychology 
with its important help in diagnosing diseases, in study¬ 
ing the effects of drugs, and especially the functions and 
methods of psychotherapy. Finally cultural psychology 
is introduced with its yet undeveloped possibilities, the 
application of psychological knowledge to aesthetic achieve¬ 
ment, as in the fine arts, music, and poetry, also to the 
work of the scientist, the historian, and the philosopher. 
And Münsterberg ends by pointing out that one who can¬ 
not but profit from a knowledge of psychotechnics and 
from its application to his work is—the psychologist him¬ 
A large crop of essays, more or less popular in tone, 
appeared in these years. Most of these essays, published 
in various magazines, were gathered together in January, 
1914, in a book called Psychology and Social Sanity. 
Among them were the paper on Beulah Miller in the 
Metropolitan Magazine, and an article called “ Naïve 
Psychology” in the Atlantic Monthly. This essay, quite 
original in its subject, has a peculiar Sprightliness and 
charm. The moral of the tale is simply that the so-called 
naïve psychology, the psychology of laymen that is popu¬ 
larly supposed to be so much more sensible and reliable 
for use in practical life than the pedantic advice of 
scientists is, on closer scrutiny, after all very meager, or 
really no psychology at all. Münsterberg ends his essay: 
“Mankind has no right to deceive itself with half-true, 
naïve psychology of the amateur, when our world is so 
full of social problems which will be solved only if the 
aptitudes and the workings of the mind are clearly recog- 


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