Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
business life as the effects of advertisements, of window 
display, of illegal imitation, of buying and selling. The 
last chapter, on the “Future of Economic Psychology,'’ 
ends with this outlook: 
And if it is true that difficulties and discomforts are to be 
feared during the transition period, they should be more than 
outweighed by the splendid betterments to be hoped for. We 
must not forget that the increase of industrial efficiency by 
future psychological adaptation and by improvement of the 
psychophysical conditions is not only in the interest of the em¬ 
ployers, but still more of the employees; their working time can 
be reduced, their wages increased, their level of life raised. 
And above all, still more important than the naked commercial 
profit on both sides, is the cultural gain which will come to the 
total economic life of the nation, as soon as every one can be 
brought to the place where his best energies may be unfolded 
and his greatest personal satisfaction secured. The economic 
experimental psychology offers no more inspiring idea than this 
adjustment of work and psyche by which mental dissatisfaction 
in the work, mental depression, and discouragement may be re¬ 
placed in our social community by overflowing joy and perfect 
inner harmony. 
In February, 1914, Münsterberg’s comprehensive Ger¬ 
man work on applied psychology appeared in Leipzig 
under the title Grundzüge der Psychotechnik. 
But, above all, the winter of 1914 was significant as the 
one in which Münsterberg wrote his textbook, which, to 
be sure, is more than a mere textbook for college use, 
but rather a systematic and at the same time colorfully 
represented survey of the wide field, Psychology : General 
and Applied. This book was begun on January first, 
the first draft was finished on May 20th, and the volume 
was on the market in August. 
Psychology: General and Applied is significant for 
three reasons. First, it includes the whole field of applied 
psychology; second, the survey contains social psyehol- 


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