Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
And the Westminster Gazette: 
If we can judge him at all from this collection of essays, Pro¬ 
fessor Münsterberg is making rapid advance in the process of 
Americanization. We do not mean that he is losing any of that 
German thoroughness or solidity which characterizes the many 
psychological and philosophical studies of his which have come 
under our notice, but we have found in him increasing evidence 
of a more or less typical American attitude, which seems to be 
the outward expression of a change or development of character. 
In effect he is out to defend America against the world, and if 
he is severe in his criticisms on her institutions, her methods of 
thought, or her journalistic' mannerisms, we perfectly understand 
that it is all done for her own good. 
The period of Münsterberg ’s life reviewed in this chapter, 
bore a rich harvest of literature. Five books appeared, 
and numerous essays besides. The books were: Vocation 
and Learning, Psychology and Industrial Efficiency, 
Psychology and Social Sanity, Grundzüge der Psycho- 
technik, and Psychology : General and Applied. Further, 
he edited Volume III of the Harvard Psychological Studies, 
of which one half was devoted to studies in human psychol¬ 
ogy and the other half to experiments in animal psychology. 
Münsterberg’s Americans also appeared in a new edition 
for which he wrote a preface. 
In December, 1912, the People’s University published 
Vocation and Learning, a book that Münsterberg had 
written at its request. This People’s University was an 
organization of many thousands of members that centered 
at University City, St. Louis, for the purpose of spreading 
enthusiasm for learning. Münsterberg said in the Preface : 
Its leaders pointed out to me how much a serious book on the 
demands of the vocations was needed as an introduction to their 
work, and they suggested that I write it to help the many thou- 


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