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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
of another educational problem. It is a plea for the in¬ 
cluding of a “scholarly study of household management’' 
in the curriculum of a girls’ college. This was not to 
be in the nature of technical training, hint a cultural 
illumination of domestic problems. “The college is no 
place to learn cooking and mending, but what the true 
studies in domestic science offer with their wealth of 
historical, sociological, biological, chemical, æsthetic, and 
economical information, is endlessly better and it ought 
not to be missed in any woman ’s college which aims to¬ 
ward real culture.” Indeed it is the purpose of culture 
to make one “see nothing in isolation, but everything 
against the background of the natural laws and of the 
history of civilization : this characterizes the truly educated, 
as it makes him able to see foreground and background 
in their true proportions.” 
The last article in the book, “Psychology and the Navy,” 
which embodied Münsterberg’s address before the Naval 
War College at Newport, R. I., and then appeared in the 
North American Review, has already been extensively 
quoted. It closed the volume called American Patriotism. 
The press comments which the book excited, some of 
which appeared in England, showed especially careful and 
serious authorship. The English reaction on a book ad¬ 
dressed to Americans is naturally different from that of 
the public addressed, and is therefore of some interest on 
account of its detachment from the subject matter. The 
Saturday Review said: 
Professor Münsterberg is one of the few men of ability and 
wide views resident in the United States who have the courage or 
take the trouble to tell their countrymen the truth. He also em¬ 
ploys a sound and attractive style, and his book makes good read¬ 
ing for Europeans no less than Americans. He has a good deal 
to say about modern Germany which we can read in England 
with signal profit. . . . 


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