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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
maintained that alcohol was harmful in any quantity. 
Not a few newspapers compared these two articles, or 
quoted extensively not only from Münsterberg’s writings, 
but from the pamphlets that were aimed at him. Against 
a bitter and merciless attack from the Vice-Presidential 
candidate for the Prohibition Party, Münsterberg was gal¬ 
lantly defended by Dr. Arthur Cabot, Winslow Warren, 
and Thomas Nelson Perkins. Eloquent arguments against 
the temperance views of the Psychologist were poured 
forth by clergymen, by a professor in Clark University, 
by ardent prohibitionists from far and near. Neverthe¬ 
less sober voices, too, were heard above the tumult. 
An attacking pamphlet, moreover, was answered by Dr. 
Charles Loomis Dana, who denied that moderate use of 
alcohol was necessarily harmful. Now that the discussion 
had once started, there seemed to be no end. Before the 
Contemporary Club in Philadelphia Münsterberg was in¬ 
vited to meet in debate the two prohibitionists, Professor 
Patten of the University of Pennsylvania and the Reverend 
Samuel J. Barrows of the International Prison Commis¬ 
sion, and accounts of this debate again filled the news¬ 
papers. In a speech to the Economic Club in Boston, 
Münsterberg referred to a previous address by President 
Eliot, who had recently declared himself for prohibition. 
Although very intelligent readers rallied to his defense, 
Münsterberg found himself between Scylla and Charybdis 
—between the attacks of the prohibitionists and the praise 
of the liquor interest. That his article was reprinted and 
circulated by the Personal Liberty League of Ohio, that 
violent attacks were followed by disagreeable insinuation, 
could not be avoided, and was merely the price to be paid 
for candor. 
Finally, one more book belongs to this period, the 
German volume Aus Deutsch-Amerika, a collection of ad¬ 
dresses and articles that treat on relations between America 


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