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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
touched upon, and observations are made on the attitude 
of the American woman toward marriage. Finally he 
speaks of the growing usurpation by women of the teach¬ 
ing profession ; of the alarmingly one-sided feminine stamp 
impressed on the culture of the country due to the early 
preoccupation of men with political and industrial work ; 
of the desirability of a masculine reaction to counter¬ 
balance this stamp; and he ends with the remark that 
“ woman will never contribute momentously to the culture 
of the world by remaining intellectually celibate. ” 
The last chapter of the book is given to the observa¬ 
tion of “Aristocratic Tendencies” that are bound to arise 
in the most confirmed democracy. There is, to be sure, 
no desire to imitate the European aristocracy; there is an 
aristocracy of American make. Neither do the Four Hun¬ 
dred of New York and Newport who, in spite of the dis¬ 
tortions of the sensational press, well deserve to lead 
“in that world where one is to be amused expensively at 
any cost,” constitute the real American aristocracy. 
But the author discerns the rising of an aristocracy 
of education and talent. “The influence of wealth is not 
absent here, but it is not mere wealth as such which 
exalts these people to the nobility; nor is the historical 
principle of family inheritance left out of account, al¬ 
though it is not merely the number of one’s identifiable 
ancestors that counts. It is, most of all, the profounder 
marks of education and of personal talent.” In Roose¬ 
velt, at the time of writing President of the United States, 
Münsterberg sees the embodiment of this aristocracy. 
The leaven of aristocratic forces is at work everywhere, 
not to destroy democracy, but to modify it. “The desire 
for the beauty and dignity of culture, for authority and 
thoroughness, is creeping into every corner of Ameri¬ 
can life.” Parallel with these modifications of social life 
is a growing conception of the country as an abstract en- 


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