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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
The literary output of the first three years in America 
was, of course, slight. Münsterberg did not feel at ease 
enough in the English language to try any ambitious 
authorship. Nevertheless he wrote an article on the Psy¬ 
chological Laboratory that was published in the Harvard 
Graduate’s Magazine, also a pamphlet with an account of 
the laboratory for the Harvard exhibition at the Chicago 
World’s Fair. Further he prepared three boxes of 
Pseudoptics—material for psychological experiments with 
supplementary text—for school and popular use that were 
printed by the Milton Bradley Company in Springfield. 
The forerunners of Münsterberg’s work as interpreter of 
American life were three essays written for a German 
newspaper on “The Americans.” 
During his three years at Harvard Münsterberg made 
serious studies in preparation for his large scientific work 
in German, Grundzüge der Psychologie. He never for a 
moment doubted that all his serious creative work would 
always be in German and never dreamed that one day 
he should find himself one of the most widely read scien¬ 
tific authors in America. 
Münsterberg welcomed the Muse of Poetry as a summer 
guest; his authorship, however, lasted all the year round. 
Various essays appeared at this time: “Psychology and 
History” in the Psychological Review, the ones on the re¬ 
lations of Psychology to Mysticism, to Art, to Real Life, 
besides “The Danger from Experimental Psychology” and 
“The Teacher and the Laboratory” in the Atlantic 
Monthly, the favorite in academic circles. 
All these essays, with the exception of the last two, 
Münsterberg decided to gather into a book, his first in the 


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