Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
For the end of the summer, Münsterberg carefully and 
minutely planned out a “silver-wedding journey'’ in which, 
to be sure, his daughters were not to be left behind. As 
has been said before, Münsterberg was a gifted traveler, 
and knew how to choose the essential beauties of a region 
as well as how to fit as many as possible of the most 
valuable impressions into a given time. He had, moreover, 
the rare gift of enjoying a journey completely. No one 
else with whom he traveled had his peculiar capacity for 
sinking altogether into the contemplation of a beautiful 
landscape, picture, or statue; no one else could be as ob¬ 
livious of minor disturbances, of non-essentials in the 
face of great beauty. Where others felt pleasure or in¬ 
terest, he felt a joy that sprang from the depth of his 
Upon this particular journey, the highlands surrounding 
Salzburg were a revelation to Münsterberg. One of the 
Humboldts once said that the landscapes about Salzburg, 
Naples, and Constantinople were the most beautiful in the 
world ; to Münsterberg who had never seen Constantinople 
and who was to see Naples in three weeks for the first 
time, the beauty of Salzburg made a deep impression. The 
ideal union of landscape and architecture, the same charm 
that makes Heidelburg the Mecca of romanticists, is even 
more perfectly represented by Salzburg. The mediæval 
castle that towers above the historic gabled town seems 
to have growTn inevitably out of the gray rocks of the 
mountain it crowns, and the oak woods that gird it are as 
intrinsic parts of the gray romantic pile as any pinnacle 
or buttress. Münsterberg roamed through the ancient 
halls of the castle and admired, from the top of a mountain, 
the dazzling ring of snow mountains in their austere 
majesty. By way of contrast, he enjoyed the delicate, 
artificial gardens of a pampered prince of the “roccoco" 
age. But what appealed most profoundly to his sense of 


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