Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
nitaries partook, and the state was represented by the 
Emperor and the imperial family. Honorary degrees were 
conferred by deans of the four faculties of the University, 
and delegates from foreign universities were solemnly re¬ 
ceived. The mathematician Poincaré, delegate from 
France, was given a tumultuous ovation; an enthusiastic 
welcome was accorded to the American delegates, Profes¬ 
sor Peabody of Harvard, the first exchange professor; the 
late Professor Learned from the University of Pennsyl¬ 
vania; and President Butler of Columbia. 
Other occasions on the borderland between the social 
and purely intellectual were the congresses in which Mün¬ 
sterberg took part. The Naturalists’ Society met at his 
native city Danzig. The International Congress of Psychi¬ 
aters came together at Berlin where the members were 
given an official reception. 
Of purely social gatherings there was a multitude. Dur¬ 
ing September, while he was occupied with the America- 
Institute in its early stages, Münsterberg lived in the house¬ 
hold of his brother, Dr. Emil Münsterberg. It was Hugo’s 
greatest delight that the year in Berlin brought him, 
after long sojourn across the seas, near his brothers. Otto, 
the oldest brother, was still carrying on his father’s busi¬ 
ness in Danzig, and had his hospitable house and large 
garden in the suburb where Hugo had played as boy; 
the youngest brother Oskar, then a bachelor, who lived in 
Leipzig, spent a great part of his time at Berlin, where 
he was well known in business and art circles. He was 
an authority on Chinese and Japanese art and had pub¬ 
lished numerous scholarly books. 
On the first of October Hugo left his brother’s house 
to meet his wife and daughters who came from the Vosges, 
and to take them into their new quarters in the Palast 
Hotel. This hotel was on a lively square in the heart 
of the city, with life surging about it at all hours of the 


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