Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
through the quaint winding streets, hut the whole popula¬ 
tion radiated welcome, so that even the advertisements in 
the window bore courteous quotations from Kant. The 
meetings were held in the historic halls of the mediaeval 
university, and the President of the Congress was the 
venerable philosopher of Heidelberg, the leader of the 
Idealists, Professor Windelband. Eminent philosophers 
had come from different countries, conspicuous among them 
the French thinker and President of the Fondation Thiers, 
Professor Emil Boutroux, who afterwards visited America 
and lectured at Harvard. American philosophy was repre¬ 
sented by Josiah Royce, who delivered one of the leading 
addresses. Never did Münsterberg forget how, the first 
day in Heidelberg, he met Royce wandering in blissful 
solitude about the dreamy nooks and corners of the 
castle, reviving memories of his happy student days in 
those very haunts thirty years before. Münsterberg him¬ 
self presided over the psychological sections. Although 
there were undoubtedly valuable scholarly contributions 
—and the impetus generated by sharp conflicts of opinion 
was of no small importance—yet on the whole, it was the 
social contact, the harmonious congregation of philosophers 
in holiday spirits, and the feeling that distinctions of age, 
nationality, and custom dissolved in the warmth of the 
common devotion to the ultimate problems that made such 
a Congress really worth while. No more joyful fes¬ 
tivities could have been planned for the members of the 
Congress and their families than the joint excursions into 
the fragrant woods where rustic inns were opened hospit¬ 
ably to the jovial company of thinkers, or the evening sails 
in large decorated river launches down the Neckar while 
the night was made brilliant with fireworks and the 
illumination of the aged castle. 
At the end of the summer, Münsterberg visited Paris 


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