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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
as to deny that the chemical expert can find out whether 
there is arsenic in the stomach.’* But as yet it was the 
psychologist’s task merely to test the possibilities of his 
science, not to make it serve any practical end. For this 
reason Münsterberg did not grant any information regard¬ 
ing his tests to newspaper reporters, and he had the satis¬ 
faction of knowing that the outcome of his experiments 
could not reach the jury during the trial. It was his 
intention to give the records of his experiments to scien¬ 
tific journals and scholarly archives and, as interest in 
the possibilities of applied pyschology had taken hold 
of the public, to write an easy presentation of his tests and 
their results for a popular magazine, to appear—after 
the trial. 
No difficulty was put into the way of the psychologist 
in carrying out his experiments. At the end of June, 
1907, Münsterberg defied the heat and traveled straight 
from Boston to Boise, Idaho, four days and four nights, 
with a trunk full of psychological apparatus, and spent 
there four days crowded with new impressions. Six ses¬ 
sions Münsterberg attended at the courtroom, where the 
twelve jurymen sat rocking, each in his own rhythm, in 
twelve rocking chairs. On the day of Münsterberg’s ar¬ 
rival, he had immediate opportunity to see Orchard on 
the witness stand, cross-examined by the defense. The 
scholar felt a strong aversion for the criminal with his 
brutal, vulgar jaw, his small sparkling eyes and deformed 
ears; Münsterberg’s sympathies instinctively went out to 
Haywood, with the head of a brilliant thinker; and as 
Münsterberg said himself after his return: “—but for a 
real man, for a man who has ideals and is ready to fight 
for them against this commonplace social body, a man 
of the type of those who ultimately build up the world 
and master fate—for a real man give me Haywood.” 
Nevertheless, the psychologist’s self-imposed duty de- 


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