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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
of -the Psychological Laboratory. It was in his own room 
on the third floor o-f Emerson Hall, with “Prof. Hugo 
Münsterberg ’ ’ printed in large black letters on the door, 
the cheerful room on a level with the oak-tree tops, that 
he was henceforth to spend literally the greater part of 
his life. Here he not only gave counsel to students and 
colleagues, but received what seemed an infinite variety 
of visitors who sought help of some kind ; here he healed 
afflicted nerves, mastered a voluminous correspondence 
and, above all, dictated many and diverse books, to which 
the perplexed questioner has access still, long after the 
door has closed fast that used to open so often during 
the day in response to his characteristic, gentle: “Come!” 
In January, 1906, Münsterberg was invited to deliver 
an address at Yale. It was in the foregoing autumn that 
the Corporation of Yale University resolved to invite some 
Harvard professors every winter to speak at Yale to 
cement the friendship between the two oldest universities 
of the country.” President Eliot had made the opening 
address, Professor Palmer had then held a series of lec¬ 
tures, and now an address by Münsterberg was to close 
the first year’s program. The theme of the lecture was 
“Science and Idealism,” a subject that at the time was in 
the air not only of the academic world but of the thinking 
public at large. Moreover the representative of Harvard 
came to the sister institution still aglow with delight in 
the new house of philosophy and the attitude it symbolized. 
“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” 
And so Münsterberg made his address with the following 
introduction : 
It is my good fortune to be to-day the messenger of cordial 
feeling which Harvard, in old friendship, cherishes for Yale. 
You will not expect from me a chronicle of this year’s academic 
events, but I cannot refrain from a reference to the opening 
of one most welcome edifice. Perhaps you may consider it as 


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