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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
mediately revealed by their responses. A few of these 
may be quoted at random. 
Professor A. Lawrence Lowell of Harvard wrote: 
843 Exchange Building, 
Boston, January 15, 1904 
Dear Mr. Münsterberg: 
I feel very much honored in being asked to be one of 
the two American speakers on the subject of political theory7 
at the Congress of Arts and Sciences at St. Louis; and the sub¬ 
ject of the present problems in that field would be very attractive 
to me. I therefore take great pleasure in accepting. 
Yours very truly, 
A. Lawrence Lowell 
Professor Barrett Wendell, invited to be Chairman of 
the section on English Literature, responded with his 
usual grace: 
358 Marlborough Street 
Boston, 25 Feb., 1904 
My dear Sir: 
It gives me great pleasure to accept the very kind in¬ 
vitation of the Congress of Arts and Sciences to be the Chair¬ 
man of its Section English Literature. The only cloud on the 
satisfaction which this honor brings me comes from the news that 
my dear old friend, Mr. Stedman, who would have filled the place 
so much more worthily, is unable to do so. 
Very respectfully yours, 
Barrett Wendell 
Professor Wendell, however, was prevented after all 
from presiding over his section, because of a lecture jour¬ 
ney to France. 
President Woodrow Wilson of Princeton provided Mün¬ 
sterberg with a full list of the scholars at Princeton best 
suited to speak with authority in their special fields. He 
was himself one of the seven speakers for the main divi¬ 
sions. Just before the opening of the Congress, he wrote : 


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