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Hugo Münsterberg. His Life and Work
Münsterberg, Margaret
Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Clark, and the University of 
Pennsylvania, Münsterberg was in frequent communica¬ 
tion. With Professor Cattell of Columbia, for whom he 
always had a high regard, his relations were most cordial. 
There were various joint enterprises at that time which, 
though they have lost their immediate importance when 
looked back upon years later, were nevertheless valuable 
factors in the promotion of specialized intercourse among 
scientific minds—intercourse that by its stimulus must 
ultimately be fruitful of new ideas. Thus, in the spring 
and summer of 1904 there was lively correspondence be¬ 
tween Münsterberg and colleagues from Yale and Colum¬ 
bia in regard to the best way of publishing the reports, 
hitherto too scattered, of the research work done in the 
different American psychological laboratories, as a series 
of monographs under one editorship, possibly under the 
supervision of the American Psychological Association. 
Half a year earlier, in the winter of 1903-04, the Journal 
of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Method was called 
into being, of which Professor Cattell, who was widely 
experienced in the managment of scientific priodicals, 
was editor. In December, 1903, Professor Cattell wrote 
to Münsterberg: 
I am much indebted to you for your letter and for the en¬ 
couragement that you gave. ... It will be a great privilege to 
begin the new journal with an article by you. Woodbridge and 
I discussed your suggestion of the title “The Journal of Phi¬ 
losophy and Science” and nearly adopted it. It, however, seemed 
rather too inclusive, promising more than could be given. It is 
intended to be a trade journal for students of philosophy, psy¬ 
chology, and the principles of science, and this is indicated by 
the title proposed. 
In the second half of the college year 1903-04 Münster¬ 
berg did not confine even his academic teaching to his own 
University, but, in response to an invitation from Profes- 


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