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Physiological Instruments
The Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company
sec. vm] Cambridge, England. 
care being taken that the coated sides of the block are above and below, so that the 
one coated side shall first come into contact with the edge of the razor. The 
Microtome will now cut sections adhering together and forming a ribbon. The 
largest section which can be cut is 20 mm. in diameter. Slides 152 mm. in 
length and 25 or 50 mm. wide with cover glasses of a slightly smaller size, are 
found convenient for mounting the ribbon of sections on. A suitable apparatus 
for preparing specimens for the Microtome and finishing them for the Microscope is 
described on p. 87. 
285. Roy’s Improved Freezing Microtome. This Microtome 
can be used also for cutting unfrozen objects. The Clamp for holding such objects 
is shewn resting on the base of the instrument ; the metal plate can be easily 
removed with a screwdriver and the clamp fixed in its place. 
The freezing is performed with ether, blown in spray against the under side of 
the metal plate supporting the object. A drop of gum water is preferable to water 
for surrounding the object to be frozen, as it is not so hurtful to the edge of the 
razor. If the object has been previously immersed iu spirit, it should be washed 
with water, as the spirit retards the freezing. The bottle should be about half 
filled with ether, and placed in the socket in the wooden base, and if the ether be 
good the freezing in the first instance should occupy not more than from 30 to 
60 seconds for a piece of tissue of moderate thickness. After once freezing the 
object may be kept at a suitable hardness for cutting by an occasional stroke or two 
of the bellows. At the lower end of the tube which dips into the ether is a small 
metal plug which acts as a regulator for the supply of ether to the spray. By a 
little adjustment of this plug the spray may be used with a minimum waste of 
The razor should be clamped quite near to its end, as shewn in the engraving ;


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