Volltext: Physiological Instruments

sec. vi] Cambridge, England. 
184. Fick’s Spring Manometer. The pressure is transmitted from 
the artery by a tube containing a liquid to a flattened tube bent into the shape of 
the letter C. One end of the tube is fixed, and the effect of the pressure is to raise 
the other end and move the lever by means of a connecting link. Both the fulcrum 
of the lever and the point of attachment of the connecting link can be moved, thus 
allowing the ratio of the arms of the lever, and the movement of the writing point 
to be increased at pleasure. To clamp on one of our Simple Stands £5, Os. Od. Availing. 
185. Do. If fitted with Adjustable Lever Support ... £6. Os. Od. dvaunt. 
186. Do. Improved form, in which the movements of the manometer are 
communicated to a small air tambour. The latter can be connected in the usual 
manner with a writing tambour thus allowing the manometer to be some little 
distance from the recording drum ... ...... ...... £6. 5s. Od. Aversely. 
See Text-Book of Physiology^ M. Foster, 6th Ed. p. 269. 
187. Torsion Manometor. This instrument was invented by Professor 
Roy for recording such rapid and great changes of pressure as take place with the 
ventricles of the mammalian heart.


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