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Physiological Instruments
The Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company
I* VJ 
rilHIS Catalogue describes some of the Instruments manufactured 
by us at our Workshops in Cambridge, more especially those 
useful to Physiologists and Biologists. 
The prices have in many cases been reduced and the list enlarged. 
Every care is taken that only the highest class of work leaves our 
hands. We are prepared to make any of the instruments described 
in recent scientific papers or in advanced Text Books, in many cases 
Instruments required for original investigations have been supplied by 
us ; either these were made from the designs of the experimenter, or 
the Company designed the instrument to suit the case. We think 
that we are in an exceptionally good position to carry out this class 
of work. 
We are prepared to supply Scientific Apparatus of every description 
at the catalogue price of the various makers, except in the case of 
Foreign manufacture, when, in most cases, the cost of carriage will be 
charged in addition. 
In order to facilitate the transaction of business with our clients, 
we have given a telegraphic code word to every article in the 
Catalogue, and have also added a list of code words for dates and 
We shall shortly publish a catalogue of Physical and General 
a 2


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