Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The science of musical sounds
Miller, Dayton Clarence
ment ; a stylus attached to one prong of the fork marks a sim¬ 
ple wave line by the side of the trace from the membrane. 
Phonautograph records obtained by Koenig are shown in 
Fig. 56, the lower one of each pair of traces is that of the 
sound being studied, combinations of organ pipes in this 
instance, while the upper trace of each pair is from the 
tuning fork, enabling the determination of the frequencies 
of the recorded tones. These records are not only small 
in size, but the essential characteristics are distorted or 
obliterated by friction and by the momentum of the stylus. 
The Manometric Flame 
In 1862 Koenig devised the manometric capsule in which 
the flame of a burning gas jet vibrates in response to the 
variations in pressure in a sound wave.34 The capsule c, 
Fig. 57, is divided into two compartments by a partition


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