Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The science of musical sounds
Miller, Dayton Clarence
the vowel fah . . . ther,” or, better, one may pronounce 
only the vowel part of the last word, as “a record of the vowel 
... ah ... y 
Photographing, Analyzing, and Plotting Vowel 
The general procedure in the investigation of a vowel is 
as follows : the speaker begins to pronounce the appropriate 
word and prolongs the vowel in as natural a manner as 
Fig. 160. Photograph of the vowel a in father, for analysis. 
possible ; by means of the phonodeik a photographic record 
is taken of the central portion of the vowel, while the zero 
line and time signals are recorded simultaneously with the 
voice curve. The vowel curve is then analyzed into its 
harmonic components, corrections are applied, percentage 
intensities for the several partials are computed, and the 
results are diagramed, as explained in Lecture V. 
A photograph of the vowel father intoned by a baritone 
voice, at the pitch of F2 = 182, is shown in Fig. 160. The 
analysis of this curve is given in Fig. 129, page 169, while 
analysis of other photographs of the same vowel are shown 
in Figs. 161, 162, and 163. 


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