Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

On sound and atmospheric vibrations, with the mathematical elements of music
Airy, George Biddell
temperature; (II) the variation produced in that law 
by a permanent change of the temperature of the air; 
(III) the variation produced in that law by a sudden 
change of the compression of the air. 
6. Construction of the Barometer. 
In order to explain the experimental investigations 
upon which law (I) is established, it is necessary to de¬ 
scribe in its essential points the common barometer. 
Take a straight tube of glass, not less than 32 inches 
long, open at one end and closed at the other, hold it 
for a short time with the closed end downwards, and 
pour quicksilver (mercury) into it till it is quite full : 
then carefully stop the open end, either by pressing 
it with the finger or by inserting any tight plug which 
can be easily withdrawn ; then invert the tube so that 
its open end is downwards, dip that open end (before 
the plug is withdrawn) into a cistern of mercury, and, 
when the end is securely lodged below the surface of 
the mercury, withdraw the finger or plug. (Figure 1 
represents the apparatus thus arranged, in a shape con¬ 
venient for experiment : the glass tube being carried 
by a tripod stand which prevents the open end of the 
glass tube from touching the bottom of the cistern.) 
Immediately the surface of the mercury in the tube will 
fall, till its height above the surface of the mercury in 
the cistern is a quantity not absolutely constant but 
(when the place of experiment is near the level of the 
sea) seldom less than 28 English inches, and seldom


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