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No. 561] 
morphological peculiarity of the germ cells. In brief the 
egg is a simple egg with one nucleus and is fertilized by a 
single spermatozoon. Hence the embryo starts out as a 
single and not as a multiple individual. 
Fig. 4. A fertilized egg found in the fallopian tube, showing the male and 
female pronuclei in contact and occupying the thickest part of the formative 
protoplasm. There are two polar bodies. The deutoplasmic zone does not appear 
in this section. 
The claim of Eosner (’01), based on an examination 
of one pair of ovaries inadequately preserved, that the 
four embryos are the result of the fusion of several 
follicles and the subsequent fusion of the several eggs 
or vesicles given off by the rupture of a compound 
follicle, is completely refuted by the present studies. It 
may be of interest to show how Eosner came to fall into 
so serious an error. The writer after the examination 
of a large number of normal ovaries chanced upon one 
pair showing substantially the conditions described by 
Eosner. These ovaries were from a very large, old 
female and when examined cytologically showed many 
multiple follicles, containing from two to eight or more 
ovocytes in various stages of development. Everything 
about these ovaries, however, is atypical and there can be 
no doubt as to their pathological character. That Eosner 
should by chance have stumbled upon such an ovary and 
that he drew a general conclusion as to the normal con-


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