Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Round and fluty, moderately full, and prompt in speech. Corresponding to the diapason 
of the organ ; useful for all ordinary purposes ; adapted for slow or quick, legato or staccato, 
music ; and combining effectively with any of the other registers. 
Round and fluty, but much heavier than (T), and more sluggish in speech. 
Corresponding to the double diapason of the organ. (jT) in the treble is useful by itself, and 
occasionally combined with in the treble, for solo work, accompanied in the bass with 
(T), or (IT), or both. 
Two half-sets of vibrators, slightly out of tune with each other, but not enough to be 
disagreeable ; usually of a more delicate quality than in the treble ; useful by itself, or 
combined with in the treble, for solo work ; also very effective for soft chords. It should 
not, however, be used with the full organ. 
Thin, reedy, and piercing; consisting of two half-sets, slightly out of tune with each 
other. Very effective when combined with © , or © or both, in the bass for chords, and 
sometimes for solo, with staccato accompaniment beneath. 
Bright, but reedy; chiefly of use for giving brilliancy to the full organ ; prompt in speech. 
Thin and reedy ; rather slow of speech ; effective for legato music of a pastoral character. 
Thin and reedy, but more delicate than (^4^) ^4^, and slower in speech ; very useful as a 
solo stop, accompanied in the bass with (T), or or both. 
Reedy, but much fuller than (IT); accompanied similarly. Essentially a solo stop. 
A most useful simple combination for all kinds of smooth playing, and occasionally for 
staccato ; somewhat resembling the stringed instruments of an orchestra. 
Useful for serious or sacred music ; this combination is usually more effective when the 
music is transposed an octave higher.


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