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The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. 5: Supplementary Volume
Todd, Robert Bentley
exhibiting a section of several simple cysts of organ being still unopened, and exhibiting 
nearly equal size ; whilst the left ovary (b) numerous small sacculi which have here begun 
shows a similar alteration of texture, the to project above the surface. 
Fig. 393. 
a, right ovary, exhibiting numerous unilocular cysts, consisting of enlarged Graafian vesicles; b 
"left ovary similarly affected, but unopened ; c, uterus. {After Hooper.) 
Multilocular, Compound, or Proliferous Cysts. 
—In these a second, or, it may be, a third, 
order of smaller cysts are developed, within 
or upon the walls of a larger or parent sac. 
From these walls the secondary cysts, at a 
comparatively early period of their grow’th, 
are seen projecting inwardly in hemispherical 
form, arranged along the parietes of the sac, 
from which they commonly spring by broad 
bases. These secondary cysts are invariably 
and permanently attached to and continuous 
with the walls of the superior cyst. They 
are covered by a continuation of the same 
membrane which lines the principal sac, and 
which is reflected over them in the same man¬ 
ner that the heart is invested by the reflected 
pericardium, or the testis by the tunica va¬ 
Fig. 394, 
Tke left ovary distended Mo one large cyst, into the interior of which project nu,nerom smaller cysts o/a 
1 he lejt ovary secmdary orcfer. To the right of the figure is the uterus. (.Ad Nat.) 
* Hodgkin, Lectures on Serous and Mucous Membranes. Leet. vm,


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