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The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. 4: Pla [corr.: Ple] - Wri
Todd, Robert Bentley
markable, because they terminate in a tri¬ 
angular cartilage, analogous to that which 
ekes out the scapula. 
Vestiges of the pelvis may be traced in 
Ophisaurus and Anguis, under the shape of a 
little os ilii, with a vestige of the ischium, but 
without any symphysis. 
The cylindrical bones of the anterior and 
posterior extremities present nothing worthy 
of special remark. 
The carpus (fig. 185.) consists of nine bones, 
the disposition of which is not unlike that of 
the carpal bones of a monkey. In the first 
row there is a radial bone (c), a cubital (d)t 
Fig. 185. 
Fore-leg of Crocodile. 
a, the ulna ; b, the 
radius ; c, radial car¬ 
pal bone; d, ulhar 
carpal hone ; e, os 
pisiforme ; f a len¬ 
ticular hone inter¬ 
posed between the 
ulnar carpal bone 
and the metacarpal 
bones of the three 
inner fingers. 
Fig. 186. 
Hind-leg of Crocodile. 
a, the tibia ; b, the fibula ; c, the 
astragalus ; d, the os calcis ; e, the 
os cuboides ; f, the cunéiforme, 
there is a flattened triangular su¬ 
pernumerary bone attached to the 
outer side of the cuboid, which in 
the figure has no letter of reference. 
Fig. 187. 
Tarsus of Lizard. 
a, the tibia ; b, the fibula ; a', the 
astragalus ; b’, the os calcis ; c, the 
os cuboides ; d, the cunéiforme. 
which is of large size, and an os pisiforme (


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