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The Cyclopaedia of Anatomy and Physiology, vol. 4: Pla [corr.: Ple] - Wri
Todd, Robert Bentley
Epiglottis broad. L. 0375 in. Voice more 
acute than in woman. 
Meles Europœa.—Thyroid: margins notched 
in front. Crico-thyroid chink triangular, Ary- 
Fig. 900. 
Anterior view of the Larynx of Ursus Malayanus. 
a, tubercle ; b, notch of thyroid cart. ; c, notch of 
cricoid cart. 
Showing the Sesamoid Cart, d d, of Ursus Ma¬ 
tenoids small. Epiglottis triangular. Ven¬ 
tricles deep, leading to two sacs, one of which 
lies under the root of the tongue, the other 
between the thyroid and cricoid cartilages.* 
Mustela Furo. See Wolff. Ventricles lead 
to sacs. 
Luira Vulgaris. — Thyroid : superior and in¬ 
ferior margins parallel and inclined upwards, 
superior terminating in a round apex, in¬ 
ferior hollowed out in front b {fig. 901.), and 
protuberant ; Cricoid, (c) inferior margin, so 
widely separated in front, as only to be slightly 
united at the inferior margin of the thyroid. 
* Cuvier was of opinion that the posterior part of 
the vocal ligaments produced the vocal sounds. 
Epiglottis, oval but not large. Cart, of San¬ 
torini absent. 
Fig 901. 
Oblique view of the Larynx of Lutra Vulgaris, 
a, epiglottis ; b, thyroid ; c, c, cricoid. 
Canis familiaris. Thyroid : margins inclined 
upwards ; wings unite at an obtuse angle. 
Cornua : superior furnished with a transverse 
ligament running to the thyroid as in the 
hyaena. Cricoid : superior margin depressed in 
front. Arytenoids curved, and inclined from 
each other. Cart. Santorini and C. Cuneiform 
present. Ventricles deep. Epiglottis trian¬ 
gular, having a vertical furrow at its base. L. 
(and consequently the pitch of the voice) 
varies in almost every species; modulation 
expressive of emotion. 
Felis Leo.—Larynx : H. 3T4 in. Thyroid : 
margins parallel, and inclined forwards and 
upwards ; wings united at an obtuse angle ; 
notch large below the pomum. Cricoid el¬ 
liptical, ridge of Galen prominent. Crico¬ 
thyroid : space large, rhomboidal, traversed in 
front by muscular fibres. Arytenoids rhom¬ 
boidal. Cart. Santorini absent. Vocal liga¬ 
ments : superior prominent. Ventricles deep, 
forming a sac between the vocal ligaments. 
Epiglottis : apex obtuse. Trachea 50 rings.* 
Voice grave, very intense ; roar terrific. 
F. Tigris. — H. 1-8 in. L. 1 in. The 
superior ligament very prominent. In other 
respects the larynx resembles that of the lion. 
Voice more acute than the lion. Purrs like 
the cat. 
F. Ijeopardus and Catus. — Larynges differ 
only in magnitude. The whole of the Feline 
order are remarkable for the prominence of 
the superior ligaments, by which the purring 
is most probably produced. c {fig. 902.)f 
Voice a mewing, wrhich is well known ; also a 
melancholy cry by night. 
* Vicq. D’Azyr and Cuvier state that the rings 
of the trachea are not entire. Perrault, on the con¬ 
trary, describes them to be complete circles; but 
this is an error. 
f Vicq. d’Azyr ascribed the purring of the cat to 
two thin membranes situated beneath the inferior 
ligaments ; but we were unable to detect them : nor 
could Cuvier, Wolff, Casserius, and others, succeed 
in finding them.


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