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Dictionary of philosophy and psychology including many of the principal conceptions of ethics, logics, aesthetics ... and giving a terminology in English, French, German and Italian, vol. 3 [bibliography], part 1
Baldwin, James Mark
and this procedure, it is hoped, will be found to have increased greatly their 
The general systems of the systematic bibliographies are of much importance, 
as they embrace the broad treatment of the several domains. They are also 
of peculiar interest, as among their authors may be found the future classical 
philosophers. The choice of the special topics has been determined by the 
recognized value and extent of the literature. The task of minuter subdivisions 
must be left to more specialized bibliographies of the different fields. Books 
mentioned under the general systems, it may be said, are not of necessity 
repeated under the special topics when they contain chapters on these subjects. 
But, inasmuch as their discussions may be more valuable than those of the 
special monographs, there has been sufficient repetition to emphasize throughout 
the necessity of always consulting them. Where an historical philosopher, too, is 
given, additional information may be obtained by reference to his literature 
in the bibliography of the history of philosophy. The special bibliographies 
and the dictionaries will also often afford valuable supplementary data when 
a systematic subject is under investigation. It is evident, therefore, to what 
a large amount of literature, in addition to the books and monographs directly 
mentioned under the different subjects, this bibliography opens the way. 
The endeavour has been to make this work as far as possible an international 
bibliography, and, apart from running-titles and subject-headings, as a rule 
no preference has been shown to the English language. Since the titles of 
books are in the language in which they originally appeared, the bibliography 
will in every country be equally serviceable. In the selection of literature, 
also, there has been no discrimination based on national prejudice. The countries 
richest in philosophical literature are here represented in the order of their 
importance. Wffiere valuable works produced in foreign lands have been 
omitted it has not been by intention but has been owing chiefly to their in¬ 
accessibility. The true scholar ought, as Shaftesbury, the greatest modern 
Stoic, teaches, to be a citizen of the world. ‘ What amh A man. But how 
a man? As an Athenian! As a Roman! As a European! And is this all? 
No, but as a citizen of the world. This is to be a man V Justice toward all 
and prejudice toward none is the spirit which has controlled the production 
of this work. 
If it happens in coming years that students of philosophy in different lands 
shall first turn here for the'sources of their information, and, without retracing 
the steps already laboriously trod, shall proceed more readily with their own 
original researches, then this work will indeed have served a useful end. That 
it shall give readiness of access to the works of the ‘ great ones ’ in philosophy, 
and shall render available to all, the literature on those systematic subjects with 
which philosophical writers have dealt; that it shall furnish the means through 
which libraries of philosophy may more readily be founded or enlarged ; shall 
prepare the way whereby new philosophers may more freely advance and new 
systems be created ; that it shall testify to the intellectual brotherhood of 
man by true service toward all—are hopes which have stimulated to constant 
effort and lightened toilsome hours in the preparation of this work. If in spite 
of the work’s limitations any of these purposes shall hereafter be fulfilled, the 
end sought by the author will have been reached and his true reward have been 
1 See Rand, B., ed., ‘Life, Unpublished Letters, and Philosophical Regimen of Third Earl of 
Shaftesbury,’ Lond. and N. Y., 1900, p. 11.


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