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Dictionary of philosophy and psychology including many of the principal conceptions of ethics, logics, aesthetics ... and giving a terminology in English, French, German and Italian, vol. 1 [a-laws]
Baldwin, James Mark
in ethical discussions, especially when the 
conception of terminus is generalized into 
what we are calling the End-state (q. v.) 
of mental process generally ; the so-called 
ethical end being treated alternatively in one 
way and then in the other. The distinction 
between end and end-state has been sug¬ 
gested by various writers in different expres¬ 
sions, as e. g. distinctions between ‘ subjective 
and objective’ end, ‘conscious and uncon¬ 
scious ’ end, ‘ psychic ’ as opposed to psycho¬ 
logical, ‘ biological,’ and ‘ philosophical ’ end, 
the ‘end’ as distinguished from the ‘object’ of 
desire, &c. Writers on hedonism and utili¬ 
tarianism revel in this confusion ; and it takes 
on another of its many-headed forms in the 
idealists who make some universal or abstract 
conception still an ‘ end,’ confusing or iden¬ 
tifying the end-state of a cosmic or thought 
process, viewed objectively, with the indi¬ 
vidual’s mental end. See End (ethical). 
A further distinction should also be made 
between two forms of end in the first and 
proper sense—that between ‘ concrete ’ and 
‘ ideal,’ or between ‘ immediate ’ and ‘ remote ’ 
ends. The concrete or immediate end is 
usually incidental to a larger intention in 
which the ideal, or this ideal end, takes 
form—the so-called ‘ remote ’ or ‘ ultimate ’ 
end. See Choice (for a similar distinction). 
This larger determination includes a system of 
concrete ends, and may itself have an explicit 
conscious end or only an end-state as its goal. 
The grocer’s remote end is to get rich ; his end- 
state is vital satisfaction ; his concrete ends 
are weighing sugar, buying tea, and collecting 
bills. Cf. Teleology. (j.m.b., g.e.s.) 
Literature (in which the distinction of (i) 
and (2) is made) : Lipps, Grundthatsachen des 
Seelenlebens, 623 ff.; Baldwin, Feeling and 
Will, chap, xvi ; Stout, Man. of Psychol., 
Index. See also the textbooks of psychology 
and ethics. (G.f.S.-j.m.b.) 
End of the World : see Eschatology. 
Endoderm [Gr. eV


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