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Dictionary of philosophy and psychology including many of the principal conceptions of ethics, logics, aesthetics ... and giving a terminology in English, French, German and Italian, vol. 1 [a-laws]
Baldwin, James Mark
Tractus Olfacto-liabenularis. Taenia thalami in 
Tractus Olfactorius. 
Tractus Olfactorius Iiateralis. 
Tractus Olfactorius Septi. 
Tractus Opticus. The fibres of the optic nerve 
as they spread out over the lateral aspect of the 
Tractus Peduncularis Transversus. 
Tractus Septo-mesencephalicus. 
Tractus Solitarius. The common descending 
root of the vagus and glossopharyngeal nerves. 
Cf. Fasciculus Communis. 
Tractus S trio-lobar is. 
Tractus Tecto-bulbaris. 
Tractus Tecto- et Thalamo-spinalis. Part of 
Tractus Tecto-nuclearis. 
Tractus Tecto-spinalis. Part of lemniscus. 
Tractus Tecto-thalamicus. 
Tractus Tegmento-cerebellaris. 
Tractus Tbalamo-bulbaris et -spinalis. Part of 
Tractus Tfialamo-inammillaris. Vieq d’Azyr’s 
Tractus Vago-cerebellaris. Secondary vagus 
Trigonum Interpedunculare. The triangular 
space between the pes pedunculi. 
Tuber Cinereum. An excrescence on the ventral 
aspect of the thalamus caudad of the infundi¬ 
Tuber Olfactorium : see Bulbus Olfactorius. 
Uncus. A protuberant part of the hippocampus ; 
the gyrus uncinatus. 
Uvula. One of the lobules on the ventral aspect 
of the median lobe of the cerebellum. 
Valvula. A. valve-like projection from the ce¬ 
phalic edge of the cerebellum at its union with the 
velum medulläre cephale. 
Velum. A thin membranous state of the dorsal 
part of the walls of the medullary tube : cf. Tela. 
Especially Velum Medulläre Cephale, the thin roof 
of the metacoele cephalad of the cerebellum; Velum 
Medulläre Caudale, the thin roof of the metacoele 
caudad of the cerebellum ; and Velum Transversum, 
a transverse fold of the tela extending into the 
diacoele. The latter is commonly assumed as the 
arbitrary boundary between the prosencephalon and 
the diencephalon. 
Ventricles : see special article on this topic. 
Ventriculus Septi [Fellucidi] : see Pseudocoele. 
Vermis Cerebelli. The large median lobe of the 
Vicq d’Azyr’s Bundle : see Tractus Thalamo- 
Volvula. A massive projection of the cerebellum 
thrust within the mesencephalic ventricle of fishes. 
(Also called Valvula.) 
Worm : see Vermis. 
Zona Granulosa [Cort. Cerebelli], The deeper 
layer of the cerebellum below the cells of Purkinje. 
Zona Molecularis [Cort. Cerebelli]. The peri¬ 
pheral layer of the cortex of the cerebellum in which 
the dendrites of the cells of Purkinje ramify. 
Zona Spongiosa. That part of the dorsal cornu 
of the cord between the zona terminalis and the 
substantia gelatinosa. 
Zona Terminalis. That region of the dorsal 
cornua of the spinal cord where the sensory nerve 
fibres enter. (h.h.) 
Bramantip : see Mood (in logic). 
Brandis, Christian August. (1790-1867.) 
German philosophical historian and author. 
The son of a celebrated physician of the same 
name, he was born in Hanover, and died at 
Bonn ; co-operated with Emmanuel Bekker in 
editing a critical edition of Aristotle’s works ; 
was secretary to King Otho in Greece. He 
was made professor of philosophy in Bonn 
University. His chief contributions to philo¬ 
sophy were historical works on Greek and 
Roman philosophy. 
Bravery : see Courage. 
Breathing [ME. brethen, to blow] : see 
Bridgewater Treatises. A series of 
eight monographs in Natural Theology, pub¬ 
lished between 1833 and 1840. 
Francis Henry, eighth earl of Bridgewater, 
who died in 1829, bequeathed £8,000 to the 
President of the Royal Society of London, 
which was to be paid to authors, selected by 
him, who should produce treatises on the 
Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God as mani¬ 
fested in creation. The works appended, 
though now of comparatively slight value, are 
of great interest as revealing the scope of 
Natural Theology before the enunciation of 
the doctrine of Evolution. 
The treatises are : Thomas Chalmers, The 
Adaptation of External Nature to the Moral 
and Intellectual Condition of Man ; John Kidd, 
The Adaptation of External Nature to the 
Physical Condition of Man ; William Whewell, 
Astronomy and General Physics considered 
with reference to Natural Theology ; Charles 
Bell, The Hand, its Mechanism and Vital En¬ 
dowments as evincing Design ; P. M. Roget, 
Animal and Vegetable Physiology considered 
with reference to Natural Theology ; William 
Buckland, Geology and Mineralogy considered 
with reference to Natural Theology ; William 
Kirby, The Habits and Instincts of A nimals with 
reference to Natural Theology ; William Prout, 
Chemistry, Meteorology, and the Function of 
Digestion considered with reference to Natural 
Theology ; Babbage’s so-called Ninth Bridge- 
water Treatise is associated with these, (r.m.w.) 
Bridgman, Laura, and Keller, Helen. 
Two blind deaf-mutes born and educated in 
the United States. 
A psychological study of the blind deaf- 
mute may contribute largely to an under¬ 
standing of the relations of the senses to one 
another, and of the relation of sense endow¬ 
ment to intellectual achievement and general 
mental development. For all such develop- 


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